His Story

Tony Kannen has a style is rooted in the American Music tradition of power lead vocals.  Whether a blues shout, rock-n-roll howl or soulful ballad, he effectively delivers a lyric in a crisp authoritative voice and melodious tone.

Tony's close association with this music goes back a lifetime.  Growing up in a family of singers helped to nurture a love for telling stories through song.  In the 1960’s under the tutelage of older brother rock-n-roll singer/guitarist Ray Kannen he learned harmony and control, and how to use his instrument with emotion, humor and swagger in equal proportions.
The years working with high energy club bands helped to hone his technique, The Shakedown Blues Band in the ‘70s and ‘80s, The Roadhouse Rockers in the ‘90s, performing in small roadhouse bars and in front of festival audiences in the thousands.  In 2000 Tony expanded this theme forming the jump blues band Swingin' The Blues.  There are debts owed along the way to all the talented musicians and loyal fans.  
The caliber of the music speaks for itself.  
Today, Kannen continues the tradition with a new blues and soul ensemble, The Sound Garden Crew.  This Madison, WI based band of stalwart musicians is grinding out dance grooves of rhythm and blues to a new generation of American Music fans.